The Great Mind Challenge

Insurance's Field Sales Representative App

Objective: Smartphone Application for MFInsurance’s field sales representatives

Abstract: MFInsurance is insurance company with presence in more than 200 cities. Company’s sales organization consists of more than 2000 field representatives. MFInsurance plan to introduce smart phone application for field sales reps to improve productivity of sales force. Application will allow field reps to discuss various policies options with customers/ prospects while in field.

End Users: MFInsurance field sales reps

Functional Requirements: Smartphone application developed for field sales reps will provide detailed information about company’s insurance products and ongoing offers which can be discussed with customer prospects in field. Field sales reps will be able to maintain their daily calendar activities like daily appointments, meeting notes, customer follow ups required and missed meetings. Mobile application will help field sales reps to capture customer information and customer opted policies information in the application with appropriate customer signature, which will be immediately be synchronized with backend policy issuance database. Mobile application should also help field sales reps to track history of customer prospects and status of existing customer policies. Application is supposed to work in online and offline mode where all the content related to products get synchronized from backend content management repository on regular intervals and is available in offline mode. Application will also help field sales representatives to maintain their sales quota and territory profile for sales visibility purposes.

Non - functional requirements:

  • User Experience: Application should be adaptive enough to render on multiple devices with various form factors.
  • Application Analytics: MFInsurance also need application usage analytics such as orders coming in from specific geo location/ cities, application access on multiple target device operating systems, daily hits, new users etc.
  • Security: All data stored offline as part of application must be encrypted or available with password access only, connectivity to mobile server should be over SSL and each of the backend service exposed must be protected.
  • Application Management: Application should offer direct update facility (Android / iOS) so that customer need not to go to application stores to update application and also application versions should be controlled from backend administrative console itself.
  • Target Operating Systems: Application should be developed as hybrid mobile app and must be tested with:

1) At least one of the physical smart phone Device OS (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone) as download and installable App
2) Minimum of 2 smart phone SDK emulators (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone)
3) Mobile Web Browser/Mobile Browser Simulator. Application Screen shots on all of the above needs to be submitted as part of project submission.

Tools & Technologies:

  • IBM Worklight
  • JQuery Mobile / Dojo Mobile / Sencha Mobile
  • WebSphere Liberty (Application Sever)
  • Derby / DB2 (Database)
  • IBM JazzHub
  • Third party JavaScript / REST APIs as appropriate

Team Size: 1 – 3 students